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Juliette Francois / My Jouney / How Can I Help You?

Juliette Francois

Hello I’m Juliette.  I am a holistic nutritionist, a homeopath, a Kinergetics practitioner, a speaker and most importantly mother to three gorgeous small children who have taught me more on this journey than I could ever have imagined. 


I firmly believe everybody deserves to experience optimum health. By nourishing and balancing the body’s innate healing potential, I know optimal health can be achieved. 


My passion and reward comes from seeing the amazing transformation that individualised holistic nutritional medicine coupled with the practice of Kinergetics and homeopathy have on the lives of adults and children every day. By being given the correct personalised tools, knowledge and information, anything is possible.


I understand busy and I know firsthand that the business of life can often take over leaving very little time for emphasis to be placed on wholefood and health, the very thought of where to start can often create overwhelm, especially when fussy/picky eaters are thrown into the mix.  Over the years and through my own children, I have acquired a wealth of information and practical experience to assist clients. My aim is to simplify the process and make it as straightforward as possible to not only implement change into your life but also provide you with tools, nutrition and knowledge that will transform you and your family’s health for the better.


I consult with clients who are purely wanting to improve their family’s general health, immunity and energy levels as well as clients who have specific health issues. However why wait until illness sets in, by using the power of food and balancing the body through Kinergetics – vibrant health can by something you and your family experience now and into the future. Real food truly is medicine.

My Journey

My journey began many years ago with my innovative and amazing grandfather who started one of the first health food stores in Sydney back in the 1960’s and who was a leader in his field. My mother grew vegetables and herbs in our backyard and we were taught from a young age the importance of good quality whole foods for our health. I give my mother absolute credit for me overcoming my childhood asthma and eczema through nutrition and wholefoods.


A few years after graduating from nutrition and homeopathy we had our first child and our world was turned upside down, our beautiful son has a rare chromosomal abnormality meaning that he has global developmental delays, various medical issues and autism. So began another journey of growth and learning, and it has led me to where I am today, absolutely passionate not only about helping people improve and conquer health issues but making a difference in the health outcomes of the next generation. 


I have now added Kinergetics into my practice with amazing results. Kinergetics is a branch of Kinesiology that enhances healing, individualises nutrition and other requirements of the body as well as having the power to transform every aspect of your health. Through Kinergetics the practitioner can identify emotional, mental and physical imbalances that can block optimum health. It is a powerful yet gentle and non-invasive method of hydrating and correcting stresses in the body that may affect digestion and the absorption and utilisation of nutrients, increase vitality and overall energy, release stress, enhance learning and concentration, increase vitality and assist with past and present traumas that may be affecting your health. It works amazingly well with children, in fact my children are always asking for ‘balances’.


At home our family love real whole food, we don’t prescribe to any one diet however we are gluten free, mostly grain free, we love fresh vegetables, we love organic pastured meat, we LOVE broth and we don’t mind the occasional sweet treat. We love getting the kids in the kitchen and the garden, we love them getting dirty, we want them to have a love of real food and encourage them to explore everything nature has to offer. And most important of all, we laugh!

My Journey
I will assist you in reaching your health goals with understanding, practical advice and encouragement. I provide a thorough, caring and supportive approach to investigating your health and designing personalised treatment plans that are realistic and effective.
How Can I Help?
How Can I Help You?

I love helping anyone who is wanting to make a positive change to their life however my passion is women and children’s health.  Given my own experience with my children, I am passionate about ensuring better health outcomes for the next generation. With autoimmune disorders, learning difficulties, behavioural disorders, autism, ADD and ADHD on the rise, it really is time for change. We can address the needs of our children and improve their learning capabilities and their future health outcomes. This is my mission, my passion and my determination. I love to educate through one-on-one consultations, skype consultations, workshops and seminars. Let’s put the effort in now in order to ensure our next generation have the best outcome possible.


I treat each person as an individual and holistically look at the entire body and not just a set of symptoms. There can never be one solution that will fit all.  Through consultation I will enable you to take charge of your own health and assist you on your path to optimum health. By using specific individualised foods, therapeutic nutrients, lifestyle and other natural remedies, coupled with kinergetics, you will see an increase in energy, vitality and your health symptoms start to disappear.


Whether you are simply wanting generalised health support or assistance with dietary changes, digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, allergies, skin problems, mood related disorders, immune dysfunction as well as ADD, ADHD, learning and behavioural issues in children, by implementing change through nutrition and natural health you will be making changes for a better, longer, healthier and more fulfilling life.


Sometimes the solution can be simple, requiring only slight changes to the diet or even simply avoiding certain foods or food groups.  At other times dependent on individual requirements, ongoing support may be needed to work through more complex health issues.


I am registered with several professional associations and am constantly updating my knowledge base. I regularly enjoy attending conferences, seminars and workshops around Australia to ensure I am on top of the latest information in order to constantly improve the services I have to offer.

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