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Long Haul Plane Trips with Kids!


Long Haul Plane Trips with Kids?

The first time we took our 3 little people on their maiden overseas holiday, we were to say the least beside ourselves with excitement! Well apart from me perhaps who was more than a little concerned about how I was going to nourish them during this very long long trip - by the time we would arrive, we would have been travelling for just over 9.5 hours. No mean feat for an adult, let along young children.

I needed to ensure that the kids were well entertained, well hydrated and most importantly well nourished. :) And I’m not talking plane food, which unfortunately is nowhere near nourishing! My plane prep started about a week before our departure when I started freezing suitable finger foods, primarily foods full of good healthy fats, protein, vitamins, minerals and minimal sugar.

Whilst I am well aware that 9 odd hours of sitting in one spot for anyone is not easy, let alone young children, I definitely wanted to avoid the possibility of things going completely haywire where I could :) I needed to ensure they had plenty of foods that would have a calming effect on the system compared to the sugary, process foods associated with hyperactivity, poor attention span and irritability - every parents worst nightmare particularly when in a confined space for a long many hours!

The result - we created our very own ‘happy’ meals full of foods containing eggs, coconut oil, coconut cream, jellies, pasture fed meat, organic sausage, nuts, seeds, vegetables and a little fruit. The kids still had treats however they were of the nourishing kind. They were most excited about their kumara mud cake with date and coconut cream icing :)

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